Sunday, 29 April 2012


Well its early Sunday morning.  Spent Friday  and Saturday in Portsmouth visiting my daughter in her new flat, and what a fabulous flat and a lovely place, the houses where she lived are lovely fabulous architecture. Gave us both food for thought, no stairs easy to manage.

Woke early this morning by Charlie Big Bananas my cockerel.

For some reason he is being a bit on the loud side this morning I suspect he is protesting about the relentless rain that is turning him and the girls into ducks!!!!!!!!!

My bed has also been taken over by the cats, who are obviously a bit miffed at us going away for a night!!

After all we are here for their every command!
The upshot of this early start for you is a fabulous free kit from Algeria Designs

I have a love of this blogg as I do like the style and colours.
please go and have a look and please say thanks.
Free kits are great..they build up your collection. but someone as in all the bloggs i mention here take time to do them for us. A thank-you is a small price to pay.
I am off to make a coffee and then  a play with Algerias new kit
Be back later with more finds


Mats World said...

O so true about the cats...LOL lovely creatures though, thanx for sharing this link and your photos!

Algera said...

Thank you so much for letting people know about the kit :) I really appreciate you doing this.
Ps Do they make welly boots for chickens? Bless them with this weather they will be quacking soon x