Thursday, 3 July 2014

Whilst my own children are now all grown up and nesting elsewhere, I am aware that the summer holidays stretch out ahead of you like a never ending road, and if you have children that road can be very bumpy at times!

I came across this site this morning  free crafting for children   Which you may find helpful.  Net Mums _ think this is the UK only    also has loads of great ideas............  If only summer holidays where as Ideal as this picture

And finally for the littleuns

Tips from  Kids Guide

Onto Scrapbooking

One of my favourite sites to add to my digital collection is

Granny enchanted blog

When I first started scrapbooking I found this site and was able to download some really good images, in particular Alphabets.  Like this one here

Another great Resource for all things scrappy is

Pretty things for you

A lovely site full of treasure like

A truly lovely web site

For our friends across the Atlantic, all those 4th July pictures will look brilliant with these papers

They can be found at   The cottage Market

Finally a few for the Crochet crowd

I found this at Color and Cream, one of my favourite crochet blogs,  and made myself this little cushion.  I found some lovely cream cotton in a little store in the Pueblo near where we live,

I am very pleased with how this turned out.  I kind of free styled the back of the cushion

Hope you enjoy todays links. back later this week

Wednesday, 2 July 2014

Its been almost a year.....................

and still people are visiting this site, I do hope you are enjoying the links.  I have not posted for nearly a year because life has been very full on.  I will not go into detail here, just to say we are now living in Spain and details of  our journey here can be founds on these 2 blogs

Spanish Steps  -  This follows our thoughts etc to the present day.  Now we are here my new blog is called   Life in the Extreme    and this follows our lives here in Spain.


You did not come all the way here to chat about me, you came because you are  looking for Scrap booking kits.  So as not to disappoint. I have this morning. discovered the following free kits.

A great family tree kit  - papers, frames everything  Thanks to

Nothing But Freebies  

From   Linda at Oh What Fun   we have an amazing selection of frames and quick pages

There is more

check out here

For this fun kit

Then the lovely  Becca at Heart Expression design    Has given us a great anniversary kit

Becca has a great Blog with tutorials and lots of information on Scrapping

A really lovely Alphabet from    Far Far Hill   

And there we have it,  I am aiming to update with some more free kits later this week.  In the meantime please remember

  • When you download from another page, please say thanks to the lovely people who spend time creating these
  • Please leave your comments for me to read, what type of kits are you looking for, where do you get your kits from

Have a good week

Tuesday, 24 September 2013

A very crafty summer

Hello lovelys.

Well life has been very busy for us here in the sussex countryside.  The summer of 2013, has brought endless summer days, warm summer evenings, and a decision on where we are moving to in Spain

Details of our Spanish move can be seen on my other blog Spanish Steps where I have recorded our journey so far.

Crafting has become an important part of my life, as I start to spend more "me" time.  My last post saw the pictures of my early attempts.

Since then I have continued to Crochet, and am really enjoying this craft, so far I have completed 3 blankets, these two are simple crochet stitches and they are for my  daughters.

 FInally, my lovely fina blanket, which is full if scrummyness and I just love sitting under is the classic Granny Stripe blanket

Finally we get to the free digital kits

Finally two freebies

Finally a few scenes from the summer of 2013

Friday, 14 June 2013

Kits and Crochet

Hello everyone.  Well today we have loads of freebies for you.  I have been finding freebies for you for a while now and have had nearly 25,000 visitors which is amazing, but very few leave comments, it would be great to know what you are looking for, what you do with the kits etc. Where you are from, many are from outside the UK, even if you leave a comment in another language, I would find your lives interesting. X

I have also been busy with my crochet

Here is a few pics of works in progress

My first square since I was a teenager!!!!!!!!
Then I got brave and made a baby blanket  still need practice but its going well


A new site for that has some great kits and stuff on

Fun Kit.............

Another great kit from  studio renee

And sadly this beauty will be her last

Linda is no longer producing kits she has all her kits available now including the above and some great frames, papers and word art.  If you go and download please leave a comment thanking her it is nothing if not polite.

Saturday, 8 June 2013

Found some great kits for you........

What a fabulous kit  xxxx
Can be found at

Please say thank you

Fancy a bit of Glamping
Really cute................SNACK PACKGU

Then i found this....................................

Boys in your life

Monday, 27 May 2013

Some lovely new freebies for you

Life has been busy and a little stressful recently.  As you know, we are planning to move to Spain at the end of this year, so that is taking up a fair amount of our time, so much to think about. Plus my husband, has had a problem, with his back, and is due to have an operation on his spine in July, so he is fairly incapacitated at the moment, so leaving me to cope with everything, he feels really bad watching me do all the stuff, gardening, lawn mowing, shopping etc. I do feel sorry  for him, but fingers crossed, post op his life will get back to some sense of normaility.

Any way, here are the freebies I have found for you

A lovely site with free brushes, masks etc

Visit..........Cottage Arts

Some lovely papers  from  The Coffee Shop...Lovely blog for scrappers

A great kit............Lovely colours                                          

Another little gem

Hope you enjoy.


Thursday, 28 March 2013

March Madness

Hello everyone.

Well it has been a very busy week.  I have had emergency dental treatment for an abscess on my tooth and now have to have root canal treatment... getting over it now.. but boy, is toothache a horrid thing to have, hot pokers driving up into your head!.  The husband had to attend the emergency room, he has a back problem, and the sciatica became unbearable so injections and several hours of medication later he is nicely doped up and resting.
So the plus side is time for scrapping,

So here are some recent kits that  I have found for you to play with.  Please always remember to say thanks to the designers who give up there time and skills to provide these free for you to use.

There are loads of freebies on this site.

Sunday, 17 March 2013

Long time no see.  I have been around but very busy and have neglected my lovely visitors. For that apologies.

I have been to Spain and back and found some fantastic locations to live. I will post updates on that later. In the meantime hunted down some new freebies for you.


Pop along to..Snips and Such and download this lovely freebie such pretty colours.

The there is these lovely French themed papers

Have a nice week xxxxxxxxxxxx

Sunday, 27 January 2013

it really is worth registering

This site offers the  most fabulous freebies

Here is a selection I found today

And here is a page I have done using the last one

All can be found at