Saturday, 9 June 2012


I am in the middle of scanning in hundreds more photo;s.  This is a project I started beginning of last year. They are mainly from my parents house and there are hundreds.  I am starting on the slides and negatives at the moment. Will post a few here. Some of the photo's are very old, which scrap lovely with the vintage look.
The plus side is lots of lovely scrap pages to be created with all the free kits I find.  The main bonus for me is that using mainly free kits I can afford to buy the odd kit from my favorite designers.

I have also been very busy with walking and running as trying to shift some weight.  We have enjoyed the walks we are doing and found a great web site

This site contains loads of walks and free maps that you can download great way to discover the area in which you live.
Part of this " Keep Fit!" to eat more healthily and I am following what is called "clean eating" which sounds a bit  nuts and berries but actually it is common sense really, no processed food AT ALL, making sure that everything we eat is as fresh as possible,  I bought a book called Clean eating by James Duigian...and it has some fantastic recipes, today's lunch was, Brown rice crust quiche, which sounds pretty boring but was really yummy....

Anyway don't want to bore you with all the details but I have lost 4lbs this week, and feel great.

Any way back to the freebies which is why you are here

..BUT have you left a comment yet!!!!!!

The first one is from Craft With Me

Really pretty kit
Been to Paris...I have and have a photo in mind for this fun kit

Follow this link to                 And 

pick up this fun kit. 

Well that's your lot for today. Will be back tomorrow with some more goodies and remember if you link to elsewhere please say thanks to the owner of the kits. It would be lovely to get some feed back from you about my blog as well.

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Take Care
did this with the above kit this afternoon - me with my cat a long long time ago!!! 10.06.12


HappyScreens said...

I have found so much beauty by following your amazing finds. Thank you, thank you!

Robyn said...

Thank you so much for putting my kit up!! (And congrats on the weight loss- something I have to delve into when I'm done nursing my baby!)