Thursday, 7 June 2012

Good Morning Flaming June has arrived

I will be updated the freebies later with some more goodies I have found.

Please remember to leave a comment here especially if you go on to download from the pages I link you  to.
Also I would love to see what you do with the downloads any pages etc.  If you email them to me I can show them on the blog.
Also, remember if  there is a subject that you really would like a kit on but cannot find then post a comment telling me what to search for, bet i can find you something.
I am  going to have a go at designing my own kit....again  let me know what you would like to see to give me some inspiration

Well Flaming June continues so I am about to go and dig the chooks out of the mud AGAIN, have just come back from the vets with Mog Man the black cat, he was ill for a few days but has now much improved. Unfortunately though, he appears to  have a heart murmur, so we need to take him back in 2 months for another check.  Fingers Crossed.
The plans for France are on temporary "Brake" while we see what happens in the Euro Zone..however I have discovered some fabulous "living  in  france" blogs and will post the links later.
Off to the garden now.......Have a nice day

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