Thursday, 3 July 2014

Whilst my own children are now all grown up and nesting elsewhere, I am aware that the summer holidays stretch out ahead of you like a never ending road, and if you have children that road can be very bumpy at times!

I came across this site this morning  free crafting for children   Which you may find helpful.  Net Mums _ think this is the UK only    also has loads of great ideas............  If only summer holidays where as Ideal as this picture

And finally for the littleuns

Tips from  Kids Guide

Onto Scrapbooking

One of my favourite sites to add to my digital collection is

Granny enchanted blog

When I first started scrapbooking I found this site and was able to download some really good images, in particular Alphabets.  Like this one here

Another great Resource for all things scrappy is

Pretty things for you

A lovely site full of treasure like

A truly lovely web site

For our friends across the Atlantic, all those 4th July pictures will look brilliant with these papers

They can be found at   The cottage Market

Finally a few for the Crochet crowd

I found this at Color and Cream, one of my favourite crochet blogs,  and made myself this little cushion.  I found some lovely cream cotton in a little store in the Pueblo near where we live,

I am very pleased with how this turned out.  I kind of free styled the back of the cushion

Hope you enjoy todays links. back later this week

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