Tuesday, 24 September 2013

A very crafty summer

Hello lovelys.

Well life has been very busy for us here in the sussex countryside.  The summer of 2013, has brought endless summer days, warm summer evenings, and a decision on where we are moving to in Spain

Details of our Spanish move can be seen on my other blog Spanish Steps where I have recorded our journey so far.

Crafting has become an important part of my life, as I start to spend more "me" time.  My last post saw the pictures of my early attempts.

Since then I have continued to Crochet, and am really enjoying this craft, so far I have completed 3 blankets, these two are simple crochet stitches and they are for my  daughters.

 FInally, my lovely fina blanket, which is full if scrummyness and I just love sitting under is the classic Granny Stripe blanket

Finally we get to the free digital kits


Finally two freebies

Finally a few scenes from the summer of 2013

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Mgtcs said...

Beautiful blog, very tasteful!